Paul Newman as Reg Dunlop

The Chiefs' player/coach that is deperately trying to win back his estranged wife, Francine, while turning his lackluster, third-rate hockey team into winners. Famous for his jacked up muscle car and his stunning wardrobe, Reg twists with his players psyches and gets them to win by fighting.     Filmography
Michael Ontkean as Ned Braden

As the Chiefs star player, Ned is faced with the dilemna of either gooning it up like the rest of the team or getting benched. He chooses the latter. A Princeton graduate with All-Eastern honors, Ned is the team intellectual and "doesn't believe a word of that Florida shit."     Filmography
Strother Martin as Joe McGrath

Best known for fashion shows, radiothons and recycling used jockstraps, Joe McGrath is the tightwad GM of the Chiefs. His hobbies include teaching English as a second language to exchange students at the local community college and dressing up in chick's clothes.     
Jerry Houser as Dave "Killer" Carlson

A soft-spoken player that will drop the gloves at the drop of a hat when challenged. He is also a major proponent of the Swami Baha, a preacher of positive thinking. He uses the Swami's techniques to transport himself into a state of oneness where nothing matters but beating the crap out of his opponent.     Filmography
M. Emmett Walsh as Dickie Dunn

The local reporter that gets duped by Reg Dunlop about the Florida deal. Dickie is best known for his Shakespearean-like writing prowess and for letting people work things out amongst themselves.     Filmography
Yvon Barrette as Denis Lemieux

The unorthodox, crazy goaltender of the Chiefs, he is one of the bright spots on a pathetic roster. He has a habit of butchering the English language and a severe allergy to those fucking fans.     Filmography
Lindsay Crouse as Lily Braden

The alcoholic wife of Ned Braden whose two best friends are Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. She is fed up with the hockey life and drinks her misery away. Her best two lines are, "What's the story with that dog?" and "Yeah? Well normal is fucked."     
Jennifer Warren as Francine Dunlop

The horse-toothed estranged wife of Reg Dunlop, she makes her living as a hairdresser at Gilda's Cut 'n Curl.     Filmography
Andrew Duncan as Jim Carr

The folliclely challenged radio man for the Chiefs, he is best known for his sensationally ugly rug and his child-like exuberance.     Filmography
Dave Hanson as Jack Hanson

Middle brother of the infamous Hanson Brothers trio. Prefers grape and orange soda over root beer.
Steve Carlson as Steve Hanson

Elder brother of the Hanson Brothers, enjoys moonlit walks on the beach, listening to songs and White Avenger comics.
Jeff Carlson as Jeff Hanson

The youngest of the three, he has a fear of camper keys and has been known to bend the rules in slot car racing.
Kathryn Walker as Anita McCambridge

The Chiefs' owner who is more concerned with her balance sheet than the team itself. Also the mother of Michael McCambridge, who, as Reg so eloquently put it, "will have a cock in his mouth quicker than you can say Jack Robinson".     Filmography
Melinda Dillon as Suzanne Hanrahan

Wife of Tommy Hanrahan, who is on the run from him. She is best known for her bisexual exploits and her ski slope shaped boobs.     Filmography
Swoosie Kurtz as Shirley Upton

Wife of Chiefs player Johnny Upton. Most noted for the line "Johnny always says you can just drink so much and screw so much."     Filmography
Allan Nicholls as Johnny Upton

Chiefs team captain and the only player to wear a helmet. His future includes most likely working at the local Chrysler plant and is best known for whipping it out at a fashion show.     Filmography
Brad Sullivan as Morris Wanchuk

Quite possibly one of the biggest perverts in movie history, Moe is constantly on the prowl for chicks. Some of his more memorable lines include, "Nipples as hard as little rocks", "That is a very deep cut" and "That cunt is no good" among others.     Filmography
Stephen Mendillo as Jim Ahern

Low key member of the Chiefs. Has a habit of correcting Denis Lemieux's butchering of the English language.     Filmography
Yvan Ponton as Jean-Guy Drouin

Assistant captain of the Chiefs that cannot speak a lick of English. Mostly a fill-in character with not much dialogue.     Filmography
Paul D'Amato as Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken

Coach and chief punk of the Syracuse Bulldogs. His claim to fame according to Jim Carr is being able to "carve a man's eye out with the flick of a wrist." He and Reg Dunlop are arch enemies.     Filmography
Christopher Murney as Tommy Hanrahan

Goalie for the Long Island Ducks that has a dyke for a wife. Does that make him a fag?     Filmography
John Gofton as Nick Brophy

Center for the Hyannisport Presidents, Brophy is a great minor character who was a real hockey player in the '70's along with many others from the film. Check out his career stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Ross Smith as Barclay Donaldson

A "lard ass" according to Reg Dunlop, Barclay was the catalyst for Dave Carlson's transformation into "Killer" by insulting Reg in a pre-face off discussion.
Ronald Docken as Yvon Lebrun

The Chiefs back-up goalie that suffered from a severe case of ass splinters as he never saw a minute of ice time. He was a goalie for the Johnstown Jets at the time of filming. Check out his stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Guido Tenesi as Billy Charlesbois

The narcissistic Chiefs defenseman that hails from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Appears in almost all of his scenes in the company of the Sparkle Twins, but never speaks a word in the entire movie. He was also a real life hockey player. Check out his stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Jean Rosario Tetreault as Andre Bergeron

Another pro hockey player recruited for the movie. He doesn't have any lines, but appears throughout the movie, and is known by most as the guy that takes out his dentures and puts them in a glass. Check out his stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Ned Dowd As Ogie Ogilthorpe

A criminal element that started the season with the Lancaster Gears and then unexplainedly finished the year with the Syracuse Bulldogs. Maybe the attempted deportation had something to do with it, but we're just guessing. Ned Dowd also played for the Johnstown Jets and is the brother of Nancy Dowd, the writer of Slap Shot.      Stats     Filmography
Mark Bousquet as Andre "Poodle" Lussier

Player for the Syracuse Bulldogs that was brought out of semi-seclusion in Northern Quebec to face the Chiefs in the championship game of the Federal League. His involvement in the unfortunate Denny Pratt tragedy is still not clear to this day. Check out the stats of this real life hockey player courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Blake Ball as Gilmore Tuttle

After retiring from hockey to run a donut shop at mile 40 in Saskatchewan, he was brought out of retirement for the Federal League championship. Led the Federal League in penalty minutes from 1960 to 1968. Blake was also a pro hockey player during filming, check out his stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Connie Madigan as Ross "Mad Dog" Madison

With his trusted friend and attorney Sam "Small Print" Lyman at his side, Mad Dog was lured out of retirement for the Federal League championship. Check out this real life hockey player's stats courtesy of hockeydb.com.
Joe Nolan as Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown

A player that was once previously thought to be "suspended forever", Screaming Buffalo was reinstated for the Federal League championship. His stats courtesy of hockeydb.com
Janet and Louise Arters as The Sparkle Twins

The hottest groupies in the Federal League, the Sparkle Twins are known for their blonde hair and generous bosoms.
Matthew Cowles as Charlie Kischel

Chiefs trainer that is Picasso-like with a needle and thread. The only major complaint the players seem to have with him is not using any Downy when he washes the jerseys.
Cliff Thompson as Walt Comisky

Bus driver for the Chiefs that has a mean streak. He is famous for taking a sledgehammer to the team bus and for sporting a Nazi helmet on road trips.
Barbara Shorts as Bluebird

The last girl on the pinwheel of the Ice Stravaganza that is rumored to have slept with Ogie Ogilthorpe.

As of press time, this has still been unconfirmed.
Nancy Dowd as Andrea

One of the player's wives. Her last name is never explicitly stated, but we assume she is the wife of Yvon Lebrun even though she states the name "Jerry" in the context of her husband. A 14 page paper has been submitted to the Journal of Slap Shot Scientifica to support our claim.  
Gracie Head as Pam

Another player's wife. We assume her to be the wife of Jim Ahern based on evidence from the film.
Dan Belisle Jr. as the Lancaster stickboy

Stickboy for the Chiefs in Lancaster.

Can you remember his only line about Ogie Ogilthorpe?

"He's not playing, he's suspended."
Larry Block as Peterboro Referee

Referee that got in Steve Hanson's grill during the National Anthem in Hyannisport and was soon given an earful. One of the finer portrayals of a hockey referee in this writer's humble opinion.

Other notable appearances in the movie
Myron Odegaard as Final Game Referee
Paul Dooley as Hyannisport Announcer
Danny Belisle as Unidentified Syracuse Bulldogs Player
Ray Schultz as Unidentified Syracuse Bulldogs Player
Allison Caine as Additional Voice
Woody Espey as the Chiefs stickboy

Stephen Dowling as Referee
Jon McClintock as TV Reporter
Dick Roberge as Referee Ecker
Suzanne Newman as Pharmacist
William H. Morrison as the cop who arrested the Hanson's
Richard Stahl (Indian Springs Water announcer)
Bob O'Reilly
as Unidentified Broome County Blades player
Bobby Labrecque as the Peterborough Patriots player who is clotheslined by Steve Hanson during the pregame warmup