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Welcome to Jim Carr's Sports Talk, I'm your host Jim Carr. Today we have an open forum for any of you unfamiliar with Slap Shot that would like to ask any questions about just what the heck this movie is all about. We have our first caller on the line, here we go...

Hi Jim, Dick Gozinya from Delweld here, long time listener, first time caller. I was wondering what the fascination is with this movie. I mean, isn't it just a bunch of goons running around beating the piss out of people. That isn't hockey, is it?

Well, Dick, we have an old fashioned brand of hockey movie here, something you might not be used to. If you thought the Mighty Ducks trilogy was worth watching, then this movie isn't for you. What really has drawn people into this movie is the pure outragousness of it all and the fact that this movie was based on a real team, the Johnstown Jets of the mid 70's.

The sister of Ned Dowd (Ogie Ogilthorpe), Nancy Dowd, was intrigued by the stories she heard from her brother about playing minor league pro hockey. She decided to follow him around and observe the life and what evolved from that was the script for Slap Shot.

The cult figures that emerged from this movie, the Hanson Brothers, were actual hockey players. The brothers, Steve, Jeff, and Jack Hanson, were played by Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson and Dave Hanson, respectively. If you want more info about them, visit their official site at hansonbrothers.net. Now let's go to our next caller...

Thanks for the time Jim, Harry Ballzak from Altoona. My question is why do you wear that rug? It's just sensationally ugly, I mean you're going bald Jim. Can't you face up to that?

Well, at least I'm not a chicken shit like you, hiding behind you're phone. Next caller...

Hi Jim, this is Jack Myhogoff calling from Westmont. Just wondering what your thoughts were on the amount of graphic language in the movie. Do you think that was really necessary?

Well Jack, that's a good question. I think that besides the obviously over the top on-ice violence, this is probably the most realistic movie ever made about the life of a minor league athlete. The language is pretty damn close to what you would hear in a locker room/team bus/hotel atmosphere. Of course there is some embellishment, it is still a movie, but on the whole the life portrayed by the characters in the film is about typical with minor league sports life; the crappy bus, the flea bag hotels and the two-bit owner/GM. Not to mention the groupies :). Let's go to Peter Johnson in Latrobe. Hey Pete, your're on Sports Talk...

Hey Jim, I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about some of the characters and who played them. I've only ever seen a few of them before and I was wondering what some of them have been doing since 1977. I'll hang up and listen.

Great question Peter. We have a cast page on our web site just for that specific question. Each character has a mini-biography written up about them giving some of the details of the character they played and a link to their movie career history courtesy of imdb.com. Check it out, it should give you everything you need to know and more about the biggest goons in hockey today!

Well folks, that's all the time we have for today. Be sure to check out the Chiefs, they're at home tonight, good seats are still available at the War Memorial. Come down and watch them cream those punks from Syracuse. Bring the whole family, it's a real carnival-like atmosphere!