Hawaiian Showcase Trivia
A Real Cementhead
If you can't get these right, you're a retard!
1. Where does Billy Charlesbois hail from?
2. Where did the Hanson Brothers play prior to the Federal League?
3. What college did Ned Braden attend?
4. What year did Joe McGrath coach in Omaha?
5. What seating section is Joe McGrath's office in?
Chrysler Plant Here I Come!
Incorrect answers here show a very feeble Slap Shot knowledge.
6. Name the cartoon character that makes an audible appearance.
7. What team were the Charlestown Chiefs based on?
8. Name the actual rink that the Chiefs home games were filmed in.
9. How many days did it take to film Slap Shot?
10. Who played Paul Newman's double?
Princeton Graduate
Get these correct and you are showing some promise!
11. How much were extras paid for filming in Syracuse?
12. In what sport was Strother Martin a national junior champion?
13. Name the 7 Federal League teams.
14. Name the 8 Johnstown Jets that appeared in Slap Shot.
15. Who is Cynthia Pierce having an affair with?
Slap Shot Tribute Hall Of Fame
Get these right and you'll earn a spot in the Hall of Fame!
16. What are the girls of the Ice Stravaganza called?
17. Who was originally cast to play Jack Hanson?
18. Who was originally cast to play Dave "Killer" Carlson?
19. What are Lebrun's only lines?
20. How many times is the word "fuck" or any variation spoken?