Slap Shot Stat Shot Archive
Hanson Brothers Endorsements Gone Bad
1. Guest appearances with Siegfried and Roy
2. The Hanson Brothers sing the Hanson Brothers
3. Spokespeople for Prevention of Workplace Violence Center
4. Honorary Mensa Graduates
5. Headlining with Brian Boitano in the Ice Capades
6. "Christmas in Charlestown" singing and dancing show with Kathie Lee
Most Used Pick Up Lines By Moe Wanchuk
1. Hi, my name is Moe. I'm happy to meet you! Can't you tell?
2. It's cold outside. How about if I use your thighs as earmuffs?
3. Your place or mine or in the back room of the Palm Isle?
4. I'm a necropheliac. How well do you play dead?
5. Nice jugs. Mind if I touch them?
6. Are those little rocks under that blouse?
7. No, that's not a souvenir hockey stick in my pocket.
Dr. Hook's Offseason Employment History
1. Expands medical practice to include ears, nose and throat, not just eyes.
2. Male prostitute serving the greater Syracuse area that is known for his world-renowned stickwork.
3. Head butcher for the night shift at the local meat packing factory.
4. The guy that puts sprinkles on the donuts at Gilmore Tuttle's donut shop at mile 40 in Saskatchewan.
5. Launches Tim McCracken's Eye Surgery Centers in all Federal League cities, business doubles when Bulldogs are in town.
6. Used tire salesman/book keeper at Ogilthorpe's Retreads and Bail Bond Shop
7. Founder of the first open heart surgery walk-in clinic.
Things You Should Never Say To A Slap Shot Fan
1. Do you know Lady Of Spain?
2. Have you ever palmed your isle, if you get my drift?
3. Did you use Downy on this?
4. If you did your cheek bones just right, you could look like Jeff.
5. Why do you talk dirty?
6. All I have is some root beer.
7. Gee, that McCracken guy seems like a real nice fella.
8. You're too old for this movie.
9. Is that from the Joe McGrath Intimate Apparel line?
10. Is that Michael McCambridge behind you?
Contributed by Chris Zell
Hanson Brothers Song List For Ice Stravaganza 2002 World Tour
1. (Let The) Bodies (Hit The Boards)
2. You Hit Me All Night Long
3. Just A Little Bit South Of Mo's Bedroom
4. Songs In The Key Of Camper
5. The Blood Remains In Stains
6. Puttin' On The Hitz
7. I'm Only Happy Giving Pain
8. For Those About To Fight (We Suture You)
9. Killer On The Ice With Stitches
10. Hail To The Chiefs
Contributed by Chris Zell
Rejected Slogans For Slap Shot 2
1. Slap Shot 2: At Least Our Writer Is A Man
2. Slap Shot 2: Hittin' Rock Bottom
3. Slap Shot 2: Continuing In The Fine Tradition Of Sequels Started By Caddyshack 2
4. Slap Shot 2: And They Said We Couldn't Make A Fourth Rate Movie About A Third Rate Hockey Team!
5. Slap Shot 2: You Don't Even Have To Leave Your Home To Watch It
6. Slap Shot 2: Remainder Bin, Here I Come!
7. Slap Shot 2: This Movie Is Horrible Looking
8. Slap Shot 2: Tough Decision - A Coherent, Well Written Script Or A Creepy Gary Busey
9. Slap Shot 2: Newman, Baldwin. They Both Have Two Syllables.
10. Slap Shot 2: Yes, It's True, In 25 Years This Is The Best Script We Could Come Up With
Contributed by Chris Zell
Why Slap Shot 2 Should Never Have Been Made
1. It sucks.