International Hockey League Folds - A Sad Commentary

International Hockey League Folds -- A Sad Commentary

By Dickie Dunn
Times-Herald Sports Editor

MILWAUKEE -- To see the pinstriped corporate lawyers,the bright colors of their silk ties reflecting in theshiny, polished surface of the oak conference table, was to see a work of art in motion.

And like a Hanson knuckle to the noggin, the decision came hard, fast and furious. After 55 years, the International Hockey League(IHL) was no more. Can you say "Jack Robinson"?

One hundred-plus hockey players placed on waivers.

The era of the independent minor-league professional hockey team is sadly coming to an end. Gone the way of the dinosaur just like Japanese Monster Movies.

Now, I've always been one to suggest that people need to work things out amongst themselves. But when halfthe league partners call the other half "pussies" and "change the station" i.e. join the American Hockey League (AHL), well I just have to tap on some shoulders and point out what the real score is.

As for the remaining IHL teams continuing, well I have to ask, "Who would buy a fifth-rate league?"

The AHL will operate as what some are dubbing "NHL-2," whose sole purpose is to act as a developmental loop for the slick, big-money NHL.

An anonymous, but reliable source, has informed the Times-Herald that a certain New York City-based hockey executive negotiated with IHL brass to move 6 teams to the AHL community. Now I can't name names, and everything is hush-hush, but his initials are "G.B."

All I know is that there are a lot of shysters in New York!

And once again, Charlestown is shut out. The NHL expansion rumor mill has finally closed in this fair burgh. While the Chiefs provide entertainment for the whole family, it can hardly boast of having "Names" you can put up on the marquee at the Embassy Theatre down on Main Street.

The War Memorial, although a fine facilty, is aging. So unless some rich old geezers from Florida build a new rink, you can forget having an NHL team to cheer for on a Saturday night.

A sad, sad commentary!