There's A Lot Of Shysters In Kabul

There's A Lot Of Shysters In Kabul

By Dickie Dunn
Times-Herald Sports Editor

To see the Japanese hotel furniture airborne, the softpastel colors of the fabrics reflected in the broken shards of plate glass windows, was to see a work of art in motion.

That was the scene in 1998 at the Nagano Winter Olympics, as certain, unidentifiable but highly unreliable members of the USA Men's Hockey team went on a drunken rampage after being eliminated from medal contention. Will this scene repeat itself in Salt Lake?

Take into consideration the team was on the road, and wasn't allowed to bring their toys.

Now, I've seen more than one hotel desk clerk planted head first into a rubber tree pot in my day, but the two-to-a-room rule should be reviewed. Everybody needs to relax, instead of going bananas. We need to let them work it out amongst themselves.

As my colleague Jim Carr would say, chalk it up to "youthful exuberance."

Now, I can't name names, and everything is hush-hush, but let's just say there's a certain nation that is in the market for a hockey team. And who in their right mind would buy a fifth-place team?

Yes, organizers could be better off folding the Winter Olympics and taking a tax loss. But they'd be garbage for letting us all go down the drain. We're human beings, ya know!

Besides, that Osama bin Laden looks like a fag to me. He'll have molten sand in his mouth faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

Another "Sad Commentary"? Not this time. Sounds to me like America is foiled up!