What Happened After The Mill Closed?
Sad Commentary: What happened after the mill closed?
By Dickie Dunn

To see the boarded up windows, the cracked pavement and the rusting steel was to see a travesty of justice from the past. It's been twenty-five years since the mill closed and forced the Chiefs to pack they're bags and head south to a more lucrative market. This old writer has been reflecting about the glory days of the late 70s. Ah yes, back when the Chiefs stood atop the Federal League and scared the bejeezus out of everyone along the way.

Remember the time back in Hyannisport when the Hansons stormed the crowd? When Dave "Killer" Carlson inducted himself into the hockey pugilist hall of fame that memorable night against lard ass Barclay Donaldson and his cast of clowns? How about the time when Reg and Long Island Duck Tommy Hanrahan went into fisticuff OT in the penalty box? And no one worth their weight in Downy could forget the 1977 Championship when the Chiefs outmuscled the Syracuse Bulldogs to take the title.

With such great memories, the right thing to do was to track down some of the boys from memories past and see if they were able to continue to clobber the next guy in their post-hockey lives.

Reg Dunlop: Once his "Ya gotta twist with 'em" philosophy took off, he became a world famous lecturer and infomercial entrepeneur. His trademark brown pleather suit has become his trademark.

Joe McGrath: Founded "Joey's Intimates" apparel that's carried in Howard Mellon's Short and Fat stores.

Ned Braden: Retired comfortably after suing a company called Puppy Heaven (whose owner was never identified) for printing an unauthorized poster of his post championship game exuberance.

Dave Carlson: Under the "Killah D" nom de plume, he's become a multi-platinum recording star of quasi-philosophical rap ballads.

Denis Lemieux: Ownsa the "My Hallergy To Those Fans" oscillating air purifier company.

Johnny Upton: Vice President of Marketing for the "Great Ideas Of The World" Book Club.

Morris Wanchuk: After a failed porn career that sent him spiraling into depression, he has now recovered and is the costume designer for the touring Ice Stravaganza skating company. He has become well known for his skimpy outfits lacking the traditional feathers.

Billy Charlesbois: After four life-altering stitches over his eyes, he went underground, surfacing only for weekly therapy sessions. He unsuccessfully sued the producers of the TV show "Beauty and the Beast". He claimed it was based on his post-hockey life.

Jean Guy Drouin: World record holder for not having gone to the bathroom since February 25, 1977.

Jeff, Steve and Jack Hanson: Designed a series of 3D video games so violent, the US Governement ordered an embargo. Naturally, this notoriety just increased the fervor for the games so much, the Hansons not only made billions, but lifted them to a mythical level within the folk hero pantheon. Then sadly, after a many year absence from the spotlight, they decided to release a new game entitled "Britney Spears: The Arachnid Killer", thus ruining their legacy to make a quick buck. Sadly, fans have not forgiven them to this day.

Stay tuned for the next installment featuring some of the Chiefs archrivals from yesteryear. And of course if you're wondering what I've been doing all these years, well, I'm just still trying to capture the spirit of the the thing.

Contributions from Chris Zell were used for this article.