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SST Headlines

"Old Time Hockey, like Eddie Shore,
Dit Clapper, & Toe Blake"

"Those guys were the greats!"

- Reggie Dunlop

SST Headlines

Charlie (the Chiefs trainer) indicted for steroid distribution. Hanson's deny knowingly using; claim they were "only injecting grape or orange soda"...

Ghost of George Roy Hill blamed for haunting Universal executive that tossed around idea of a Slap Shot 3 straight to the bargain bin movie...

NHLPA agrees to perform weekly fashion shows and to recycle used
jock straps in order to end lockout..

Former Gilda's Cut 'n Curl employee Francine Dunlop beaten to death
after telling a client that she
could look like Cher...

Son of Jackie St. Pierre arrested for drunk driving; claims "it's genetic" during court hearing...

Michael McCambridge buys 50%
stake in Big Al's Gay Boat Ride...

Headlines Archive

Slap Shot Stat Shot
You Might Be A Complete Loser If You...
...recite "Give me a grape and an orange and none of that stinkin' root beer" every time you walk down the soda aisle at the supermarket
...jacked up your minivan in tribute to Reg's hot rod
...refer to your car keys as "keys to the camper"
...have ever seen a fight break out 10 rows down and said "If I was down there, I'd be standing up to them!"
...have spent God knows how many hours making a tribute site to an almost 35 year old movie waste your time reading
garbage like this.

Contact Us
1st Annual Ontario Reign Charity Golf Classic

Please click on the Hope Reigns Foundation
image above to learn more about the exciting opportunities available to participate in the
First Annual Ontario Reign Charity Golf Classic
that will be taking place on Monday Oct, 17th,
at the Oak Quarry Golf Club in Riverside, CA

We are looking for additional event sponsors,
& prizes that can be donated for our raffles,
as well as to use for our live & silent auction portion of the evening festivities!

Please tell all of your golfing buddies to
register & join us for an exciting fun filled
day where everyone will have a chance to
interact with all of the current Ontario Reign hockey players & "Slap Shot" cast members,
while helping to raise a lot of money
for the Hope Reigns Foundation!

Slap Shot cast members "tentatively"
scheduled to appear include:

Yvon Barrette (Denis Lemieux)
Christopher Murney (Hanrahan)
Jerry Houser (Dave "Killer" Carlson)

Mark Bousquet (Andre "Poodle" Lussier)
Guido Tenesi (Billy Charlebois)
Will Espey (Chiefs stickboy)
Larry Block (Referee Snyder)

Stephen Mendillo (Jim Ahern)
Jennifer Warren (Francine Dunlop)
Paul D'Amato (Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken)
Jean Tetreault (Andre Bergeron)
& the Hanson Brothers

Please click here to download a registration form

"The Making of Slap Shot" by Jonathon Jackson

Behind the scenes of the greatest hockey movie ever made!

"The book is a mighty impressive chronicle and will surely
become (and be) the definitive record of events."
Michael Ontkean (Ned Braden) - April 25, 2010

Want to get a copy? Click on the book above to go to
my buddy Toe Blake's Slap Shot Book page!

To contact the author directly with any questions, comments, or to simply Thank him for writing this
incredible book,
please click here

Official Paul "Dr Hook" D'Amato website

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above to go to the official website of
Paul (Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken) D'Amato

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All jerseys also available unsigned!!

Piss on "Slap Shot 3"!

I watched this DVD on an early release and the
following statement remains the absolute truth!

"They should give away a free bobblehead with this
movie when it comes out because people would watch
a cow crap if they got a free bobblehead!"

It was only to keep things within the boundaries
of good taste that I didn't put "Sh-- on Slap Shot 3"
as my review! It's absolute garbage!

Movie critics already agree - "Don't ever buy, rent,
or even accept this movie as a gift!"

Having problems finding love? Need help with the ladies? Well, fear no more, our resident pervert, Moe, will provide answers to your questions and you'll be getting snatch by the pool in no time!
Dickie captures the spirit of society as he takes on various topics.  And you know if he wrote it, it must be true!
Test your Slap Shot knowledge against these questions and win a trip to Honolulu!  Just kidding.
Come take a stroll down memory lane with some of the fellas and see if they still have it or if they've turned into a bunch of pussies.

Now Featuring:
Yvon Barrette a.k.a. Denis Lemieux
Check out our versions of the logos of the Federal League teams.  Most logos in the movie were typographical, so you'll have to use your imagination, that's what we did!

The biggest piece of crap movie ever produced! The only thing this DVD is barely good enough for is a drink coaster.

A Baldwin brother in a Slap Shot movie?
Even our beloved Joe McGrath wouldn't cook
up a shitty PR scheme this awful!

"Jean-Guy, Jean-Guy, change the channel! Changez la Canal!" This is the place for stuff, as the exercise lady says, that is way, waaaaay up there!
A collection of Slap Shot promotional material from around the world. We're still searching for the Chiefs key ring that wasn't available in stores, though.
The place to go for any newbies that want to learn all about the greatest film ever produced.
Lost your job down at the mill? Attempting to become one with the universe? Save yourself a trip to the local religious record store, we got it here! You'll find these words a tremendous help!
Old Time Hockey!